Thing 17

I have been downloading podcasts on my IPod for well over a year now.  I listen to two of my favorite shows via Podcast, The Mark O’mera Show andEspn Fantasy Baseball Live so I have a decent idea on how Podcasts work.  For this activity however, I decided to explore some more educational specific podcasts.  The first site I went to was EPNWEB.ORG, where I investigated there Social  Studies folder.   In the folder they have speeches by prominent historical features like Lincoln and FDR.  These speeches are great primary sources and could be easily utilized in my World History class.  I also went to the NPR Podcast website, mainly because I am a huge NPR fan and listen to it almost every morning on my drive to work.   The NPR website is very interactive and breaks up their shows into categories so that you can get right to what you want.  I think NPR podcasts would be great for current events in my class.

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